Exposure to Lead is Toxic

Safeguard your health by investing in lead testing for your home in Marietta, GA

Homes built before 1975 are at a greater risk of having traces of lead in the paint and soil than homes built more recently. If you're thinking about purchasing a Marietta, GA treasure, it's crucial to get lead testing. Somers Inspection Services, LLC will gather samples from the home and send it off to a laboratory. Once the results come in, 24 hours from extraction, we'll know if you're at risk or not.

Lead testing is priced at $150. Enjoy a $50 discount on when you add this service to your home inspection. If you're in Marietta, GA, call now to speak with a member of our lead inspection team.

What are the health effects of lead exposure?

Lead exposure should be taken seriously. If you're exposed to lead for too long, the consequences could be permanent and devastating. Some of the most common health effects of lead exposure include:

  • Developmental delays and learning difficulties
  • Seizures or comas
  • Premature labor or miscarriages
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood disorders
  • Kidney damage

Lead poisoning affects children, pets and the elderly even more than adults. Don't put your loved ones at risk- get a lead inspection ASAP. You'll have peace of mind knowing your family is safe from the ill effects of lead poisoning.

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