Do You Have Asbestos in Your Home?

Find out by getting an asbestos inspection in Marietta, GA

Up until recently, asbestos was one of the most popular compounds in building materials. Now, it is a recognized carcinogen with serious known health hazards. If you aren't sure if your home has asbestos, get an asbestos inspection from Somers Inspection Services, LLC. Our team in Marietta, GA is trained to identify and test asbestos properly. If we find asbestos, we can help you figure out your next steps to remove them.

Asbestos testing should only be done by professionals with the proper safety equipment. An asbestos inspection can be added to your home inspection or purchased separately. Call 404-804-0684 now to arrange for asbestos testing in Marietta, GA.

Don't fall for these myths about asbestos

Harmful myths about asbestos could be putting your health at risk. Here are common myths about asbestos that we've debunked:

  • Asbestos is outlawed. Infinitely, asbestos was only banned for a brief amount on time. All homes- especially older homes- are at risk for asbestos.
  • The effects of asbestos can be felt immediately. It can take significant time to feel the effects of asbestos. Get an asbestos inspection before it's too late.
  • Asbestos is only dangerous in large doses. Even one exposure to asbestos can cause health effects.

Now that you know the truth, you know why it's so important to inspect your home for asbestos. Reach out now to get more information on our asbestos testing process.

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